Attention to essential details is what determines the difference between a good trainer and a great trainer.

So many of the clients I have made the choice to begin seeing a trainer because they wanted to get fit the "right way". They all have the goal to get fit, feel better, perform their best, enjoy life more and keep themselves as far from injury as possible. That's what Longevity Health and Fitness is all about, helping everyone find balance. 

There are two elements to achieving wellness and they are Stress and Recovery. The Yang/Yin of fitness and wellness. Stress includes our exercise (cardio, strength, mobility/flexibility, etc...) and the recovery has several variables too (sleep, hydration, nutrition, soft tissue management, etc...) Our ultimate job is to balance our efforts based on our end goal. Do we want to be stronger, have greater endurance, be leaner, control our blood chemistry, reduce the amount of medication for our day-to-day, be less stressed? What is the reason we want to begin a program? After training people for more nearly two decades, I have found that regardless of our goal, we always have secondary agendas which we will gladly accept as the "side-effects" of better fitness and health. 

Let's begin by asking what we want from our training and begin the journey together today.

Your fitness is waiting.